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Aug 4, 2013 3:40pm EDT
has expired. the gentlelady from texas for five minutes for any questions she may have. >> let me thank you very much for what i think is a vitally important hearing. click some breaking news from the state department which says it is extending the closure of embassies in the middle east and north africa, indices that were closed because of possible threats by al qaeda and its affiliates. those indices are scheduled to be closed through saturday. in the statement, the state department says since the indices and consulates would be closed anyway for most of the week for ramadan, they have extended those closures. not an indication, the statement says, of new threats. that again from the state department. one embassy that will not be included is the u.s. embassy in baghdad. it along with a few others have been authorized to open for normal operations tomorrow. and here on c-span, texas wendyatic state senator davis will be speaking at the national press club luncheon tomorrow. in june she launched on more than 10 hour filibuster against the texas antiabortion bill. we will have live
Aug 25, 2013 12:00am EDT
court has done. right now in texas and north carolina and other places they're coming with all these schemes, voter id. well, we always had id. why do we need new id now? we had id when we voted for johnson. we had id when we voted for nixon. we had id when we voted for those that succeeded him, carter, reagan, bush, clinton, bush again. why when we get to obama do we need some special id? [applause] but i'll tell you what we're going to do. when we leave washington, we're going to go to those states. we're on our way to north carolina. we're on our way to texas. we're on our way to florida. and when they ask us for our voter id, take out a photo of evers, take out a photo of good man, cheney and swanger, take out a photo of viola luisa. they gave their lives so we could vote. look at this photo. it gives you the idea of who we are. [applause] second, we need jobs. we didn't come here just to talk. we want voter legislation, we need jobs. and if we can't get jobs, we need to continue these marches. and if we get tired we need to sit down in the offices of some of those here tha
Aug 25, 2013 9:00pm EDT
counted as refugees. host: the next caller is a doctor from texas. go ahead. mute television or radio and go ahead. caller: yes, i am a doctor. i have been trying for the last couple of months to go there on my own through u.s. agencies. i have e-mailed and called to see if there's opportunity for me to go there and work. i have not gotten any answers. i just got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago. i have been trying for months of on e-mail and phone. there is an opportunity to go, but you would have to come as a consultant, as an intern to work because you are not a licensed physician in syria and cannot work over there. could i go through you to go and help? i work for 15 days and it 15 days off. i do want to work a little bit over there. guest: thank you for your call. you are very generous with your time. it can be greatly appreciated. i think you have a better chance of being able to volunteer or devote your time working with a non-governmental organization than by applying directly to an agency. there are groups you can consult. there are umbrellas of non- governmental organi
Aug 26, 2013 12:00am EDT
perspective, in texas and how are people feeling about eric holder suing texas? >> there are some who believe that they had a birthday party and others who were not invited. much.ou so very let me express my appreciation for the broadness of this audience, reflective of those who were here in 1963 will stop this is the audience that marched hand in hand. people from all walks of life and all racial and religious backgrounds. we are women and men. we are asian. america is all about. the idea of the voting rights act being undermined and to theted is a statement world that we, too, almost two are different and bring different ideas to the table are not equal. postureou to be in the that you are six, seven, or eight feet tall. we, too, are america. i am honored to be with a man who chairs my committee. "ranking."logy is we need to do better than that. frankly, we were able to be part of the legislative construct of the voting rights act of 1965. we must honor those -- [applause] >> woo! woo! >> i will get the dr.'s question answered very quickly. i wanted us to honor him. it is an exciting place
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4